The School of Education becomes the College of Education.

The School of Education becomes the College of Education, offering curricula in Agricultural Education, Home Economics Education, Industrial Education, and General Education. The College had four faculty and 94 graduate students.

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College of Education in the 1920's

Edna McNaughten's Nursery School

Edna McNaughton's Nursery School on campus receives funding from the Works Progress Administration, but the school is later discontinued.

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College of Education in the 1930's

The College confers its first doctoral degree (Ph.D.).

Arnold Joyal becomes Acting Dean during 1943-1946 while Harold Benjamin serves in the U.S. military during World War II.

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College of Education in the 1940's

Dr. J. Alexander Wiseman, First African-American Doctoral Graduate of the University of Maryland

Joseph Alexander Wiseman, the husband of Rose Shockley Wiseman, becomes the first African-American to receive a doctoral degree at College Park.

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College of Education in the 1950's

Dean Anderson Sealing the Time Capsule into the Cornerstone of the New Education Building, 1964

Construction progresses on the new Education Building. Dean Anderson lays the cornerstone of the new building (1) (2), sealing a time capsule behind it.

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College of Education in the 1960's

Award-winning television program, Footsteps

The Center for the Study of Education Policy and Human Values (known as the International Center for Transcultural Education) is founded and directed by Barbara Finkelstein. Human Development associate professor Charles Flatter oversees the development of an award-winning television program, Footsteps.

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College of Education in the 1970's

Faculty and Participating Teachers receive award from the Association for Teacher Education for the TEN Project, 1987

The Association of Teacher Educators recognizes the College's TEN (Teacher Effectiveness Network) project as a Distinguished Program in Teacher Education award. The TEN Project was a collaborative project of the Office of Laboratory Experiences, Maryland State Department of Education, Prince George's and the Howard County school systems.

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College of Education in the 1980's

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton Visits the Center for Young Children, 1997

First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton comes to the College Park campus to speak on quality child care and visits the Center for Young Children.

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College of Education in the 1990's

President Mote & Senators Barbara Mikulski and Paul Sarbanes at "Achievement - A Shared Imperative," June 2002

The College is ranked 22nd in the nation by US News and World Report. Five of its six departments had at least one program ranked in the top twenty in the nation, and three programs are ranked in the top ten (EDCP, EDSP, and Education Policy of EDPL). The College raises $18 million in external funding for research. With a major gift from Lockheed Martin Corporation, the Maryland Institute for Minority Achievement in Urban Education (MIMAUE) holds its first national conference, "Achievement - A Shared Imperative."

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College of Education in the 2000's

Higher Education in the Ghanaian Context (HEGC) study abroad program

Dr. Candace Moore, faculty Director of the Higher Education in the Ghanaian Context (HEGC) study abroad program, with Dr. Jillian A. Martin, co-instructor for HEGC!, led a group of graduate students and higher education staff on a study abroad program to Ghana, West Africa

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