The Early Childhood Interaction Lab is located within the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology at the University of Maryland.  The director of the lab is Dr. Geetha Ramani.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate research assistants are a highly valued part of the ECI Lab.

Undergraduate research assistants in the lab have opportunities to experience all aspects of the research process, from conducting interviews with children to entering and analyzing data. Other responsibilities could include recruitment of project participants, transcribing interactions between adults and children, and behavioral coding of children playing. Students also attend regular lab meetings to discuss research projects and journal articles.

Students can work inthe lab for research credits in Human Development (EDHD 489 or EDHD 498) or join us as volunteers. Preference will be given to students who make a two semester commitment to working in the lab (Fall and Spring; Spring and Summer).

If you are interested in joining the research team as an undergraduate research assistant, please complete this application and send it along with the supplemental materials to